Charity store worker stole bike from store

AN Albury man who stole a BMX bike from St Vincent de Paul while working there as part of an intensive corrections order is facing arrest.

Jesse Creighton, described by police as a habitual offender, failed to appear at Albury Local Court on a theft charge.

In convicting him, magistrate Tony Murray said Creighton was already doing community service for a dishonesty offence.

A worker from St Vincent de Paul went to East Albury about 10.30am on November 21 and collected two BMX bikes that had been donated.

He returned the charity’s store in Lavington a short time later, unloaded the bikes and put them in a backyard for the repair man to fix.

Creighton was at the rear of the store working about 12.26pm when he put one of the bikes under a carport near some tarpaulins and he was seen wheeling the bike valued at $250 out the back gates four hours later.

The manager was contacted to see if he had given the bike to Creighton.

The manager asked cashiers if the bike had been purchased, but it had not.

Two days later the manager attended the police station to report the theft.

He provided closed circuit security footage that showed Creighton moving the bike and later taking it out of the yard.

Police spoke to him on December 22 about the theft and he admitted taking the bike.

Creighton said about a week after the bike was taken he heard it had been reported stolen and rang the manager to check if that was the case.

When told it was, Creighton returned the bike to the store.

He was asked by police whether he had permission to take the bike and said: “Not from the owner. That’s where I stuffed up.”

Police spoke to the manager who confirmed the bike had been returned, but he wanted to proceed with the matter.