Rainfall does not add up

IT’S proving a bit of a mystery, particularly with the arrival today of the last day of the month and the end of summer.

Those of us living in Albury-Wodonga know rain has fallen on our cities this month. It mightn’t be much, but there has been a shower or two.

However all official records declare the rainfall total for February is zero.

Turn to today’s weather page, the total from the Bureau of Meteorology still says zero, even though there is photographic evidence of showers in both cities in recent days.

At first the bureau was investigating a possible fault in the rain gauge at the Albury automatic weather station.

But by the afternoon, it had been determined there was nothing wrong with the gauge.

Perhaps instead, it was suggested, there was no significant fall around the airport that would provide a reading.

That seems a little incredulous given that only a short distance from the airport, weather watcher Tony Opie was recording a fall in his own gauge.

Today’s forecast is for more storms and if we get to the end of February with no rain, you have to ask if that’s a true reflection of our weather, even if it has been close to bone dry.