Man on trial for ‘hours of abuse’

ALBURY man David Gregory Marshall will stand trial over allegedly stabbing his estranged partner, stripping her to her underwear and flicking lit matches at her after putting lighter fluid in her hair.

Police allege Marshall kept her detained for about four hours and subjected her to significant abuse.

Marshall, 48, appeared in Albury Local Court yesterday on nine charges and has been in custody since the alleged attack in September.

Magistrate Tony Murray committed Marshall for trial on charges of detaining someone with intent to obtain advantage, reckless wounding, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, intimidation and assault.

Barrister Christine Mendes made a bail application on Marshall’s behalf and claimed the prosecution case against him revolved largely around the evidence of the complainant.

She said in 2011 the woman made an assault complaint against Marshall but withdrew it.

The bail application was refused by Mr Murray, who said he believed the case against Marshall was strong.

The woman had taken out an apprehended violence order against Marshall.

Mr Murray was told in tendered facts that Marshall told the woman she could collect her television and gaming console.

When she went to his home, he turned nasty after drinking alcohol, smoking cannabis and taking a valium tablet.

Marshall directed a tirade of abuse at her and then said she was getting nothing.

The woman was terrified when Marshall yelled, ranted and raved as she sat on a fold-out bed.

Marshall allegedly pulled her clothes off leaving her in underpants and threw her on a bed.

He put his hands around her neck and stabbed her in the left thigh with a knife.

Later he began flicking matches at her after putting lighter fluid in her hair.

Police said they had seen a knife handle in the front of Marshall’s pants when they arrived so Tasered him and found two knives.

The woman was taken to hospital with a three-centimetre-deep wound to her thigh.