Drunk Albury cyclist loses his licence

LACHLAN Charles Murray is the second person in a month to lose his driver’s licence for riding a bicycle when intoxicated.

His appearance in Albury Local Court yesterday prompted magistrate Tony Murray to say many people were unaware of drink-driving laws extending to bike riders.

Murray, 55, of Donovan Street, Albury, crashed his mountain bike into the side of a car in Mate Street about 6.40pm on December 31 when unable to stop quickly enough.

He suffered grazes to his knuckles and a blood nose despite wearing a helmet.

The car driver rang for an ambulance, police attended and Murray refused to attend hospital.

Police said Murray’s speech was slurred, he was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot eyes and a flushed face.

He admitted drinking two schooners of beer at a hotel earlier in the day before consuming a bottle of bourbon with a friend before trying to ride home.

Murray, the holder of a NSW learner’s licence, told police he knew it was wrong to ride when intoxicated.

He was told by Mr Murray he was fortunate he did not sustain more serious injuries.

Mr Murray imposed a $650 fine and six-month driving ban.

Albury student Joseph McDonald was fined $1000 and received a six-month disqualification in Albury court last month.

McDonald, 18, of Wyse Street, submitted a written plea of guilty and explained his absence from court by saying he was back doing year 12.

He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, riding a bicycle without a visible front light and failing to wear a helmet.

Police saw McDonald riding a bicycle at the intersection of Dean Street and Kiewa Street about 1am on January 12.