Regional living put under the spotlight

THOSE who dream of escaping the rat race to live in the country might reject a move fearing they won’t find work or suitable services.

But Wodonga Council and local businesses are out to prove the city slickers wrong at the second Regional Victoria Living Expo which began yesterday at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

The expo aims to show those looking for a tree change what regional Victoria has to offer.

Councils, including Wodonga, are providing information on local education, sport, employment and community activities.

Wodonga Mayor Cr Mark Byatt said they would focus on the employment opportunities of regional Victoria.

White Box Rise sales manager Amanda Kotzur, who will showcase the estate at the expo, said city people wanted to spend more time with family, get to know neighbours and be involved in the community.

“People are pleasantly surprised that a regional area has such a metropolitan estate,” she said.

The North East Victoria’s website now has interactive maps with information about population, average income and housing in towns.

Other councils involved are Wangaratta, Indigo, Alpine and Towong.