Devoy set to become all-round winner

ACT COMETS player of the year Shane Devoy excelled in the longer form of the game, but the left-arm spinner is also perfectly suited to the Big Bash League, according to Cricket ACT high-performance manager Andrew Dawson.

Devoy was rewarded for his breakthrough season in the Futures League by receiving the Peter Solway Medal at the Cricket ACT representative awards ceremony on Saturday night.

Impressive batsman Dean Solway and fast bowler Ben Oakley finished joint second on 41 votes, four behind Devoy.

Left-arm spinners are highly sought after in Twenty20 cricket for their ability to turn the ball away from right-arm batsmen and to slow down the run rate.

Dawson said it was up to Devoy to follow the lead of teammate Jono Dean and work hard to step up to the next level.

''Short-form cricket really suits him, but he'll have to make that decision if he wants to go that far,'' Dawson said.

''With the way things are changing with T20 cricket, you have to be fit and strong. Jono Dean is well and truly back in the gym to get himself right for next season.''

While there was a first-time winner in the men's team, Kris Britt continued her dominance with her fourth-straight Bronwyn Calver Medal for the Meteors.

The all-rounder had another terrific season to finish as a runaway winner on 203 votes over Rhiannon Dick (168) and Sally Moylan (133), emphasising the fact she needs more help if the Meteors are going to become a force in the Women's National Cricket League.

''For the forthcoming season, there's quite a few players where it's time to step up,'' said Dawson, the Meteors coach. ''They need to ask themselves, 'Am I happy being a solid citizen or do I want to send a message to the national selectors?'''

2012/13 Representative Awards: Bronwyn Calver Medal: Kris Britt. Peter Solway Medal: Shane Devoy. ACT Meteors Batting Award: Kris Britt. ACT Meteors Bowling Award: Sally Moylan. ACT Comets Batting Award : Dean Solway. ACT Comets Bowling Award: Andrew Maher. Luke Bush Rising Star Award: Matthew Condon. High Performance Female Player: Zoe Cooke. Indigenous Player of the Year: Michael Taylor-Briscoe. Under 19 Male Player of the Year: Nick Winter. Under 18 Female Player of the Year: Zoe Cooke. Under 17 Male Player of the Year: Tom Henry. Under 15 Female Player of the Year: Khiarni Cornish. Under 15 Male Player of the Year: Nikhil Mathai. Under 14 Male Player of the Year: Daniel Leerdam. Under 13 Male Player of the Year: Jordie Misic. Under 12 Male Player of the Year: Julen Sanchez. High Performance Squad of the Year: Jordy Misic, Zac Lindsay, Rosemary Schweizer, Leah Mona Fatiki, Julen Sanchez, Riley Rawiri, . Prensh Desilva, Sam Taylor, Daniel Leedram, Jack Powell, Nikhil Mathai, James Dimarhos, Khiarni Cornish, Sara Seckold, Tom Henry, Matt Condon, Zoe Cooke, Beth Wonders, Nick Winter,. Beau McClintock. Indoor Cricket: Billy Floros Medal: Timmy Floros. ACT Rockets Batting Award: Max Rankin. ACT Rockets Bowling Award: Vinesh Bennett. Under 18 Male Player of the Year: Timmy Floros. Under 16 Male Player of the Year: Sam Gunning. Under 14 Male Player of the Year: Adam Seary. Under 12 Male Player of the Year: Owen Levings. Final voting for the Bronwyn Calver Medal for The Tradies Meteors Player of the Year: Kris Britt 203. Rhiannon Dick 168. Sally Moylan 133. Final voting for the Peter Solway Medal for ACT Comets Player of the Year: Shane Devoy 45. Dean Solway 41. Ben Oakley 41.

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