What a lot of White Bull

THE claim by a lobby group for synthetic drug retailers that artificial highs are no stronger than two glasses of wine must be met with savage sceptism.

White Bull — the synthetic drug marketed as a legal version of cocaine — was selling at a cost of $150 for half a gram before it was taken off the shelves of a Wodonga sex shop last month.

If the high from that drug was genuinely comparable to having a couple of glasses of wine, surely there would not be many people stupid enough to pay that amount of money for it.

Testing revealed the product did, in fact, contain an illegal substance, and the Wodonga business removed it from the shelves.

Four Albury businesses were also forced to stop selling synthetic drugs after a ban in NSW, but none of them had any banned substances for sale.

One drug user told The Border Mail that the rush from injecting White Bull was bigger than any he had experienced.

He and his partner described an escalating habit that led to addiction, and thoughts of suicide.

Clearly, that escalation of abuse does not happen to everyone.

But it is obviously dangerous to dabble, and the denial of that by those who can profit from the sales of such substances would be funny — if it weren’t so serious.