Man’s quest for bail fails

A VICTORIAN man charged over breaking into the Mulwala police station yesterday failed in another bid for bail.

Solicitor Rob Hussey made an application for bail in Albury Local Court on behalf of Liam Corey Hume.

Mr Hussey said there was a position available for Hume at a drug rehabilitation program from January 8.

Hume, 29, has been charged with aggravated break and enter, car theft, break, enter and steal, and break and enter damaging property.

It is alleged Hume broke into a caravan at Lake Mulwala Holiday Park and the Mulwala police station, where he tried to steal a safe, on June 11.

Director of Public Prosecutions representative Andrew Hanshaw opposed bail.

Mr Hussey said Hume planned to defend the charges against him.

The court was told in tendered facts that Hume spent the night with associates in Mulwala on June 10, when he argued with a woman about 11pm.

She left and about 45 minutes later she received a call from Hume, who said he was going to steal a car.

Hume then allegedly entered a caravan at the holiday park about 1.45am on June 11, while a man and his family were sleeping.

He stole keys to a Triton utility, along with the man’s mobile phone, then stole the utility.

Hume rang the woman again a short time later and told her he was inside the Mulwala “cop shop” stealing a safe.

Mr Murray said when refusing bail there was strong independent evidence of Hume’s involvement in the matters.