SUMMER DAY TRIPPERS TOP FIVE: Treat yourself with these yummies

Lemon Tart (Green Zebra, Albury)
Lemon Tart (Green Zebra, Albury)

Looking for something to do this summer? Why not treat yourself?

We've scoured the region to find five tasty treats for you below. 

LEMON TART (Green Zebra, Albury)

One of Green Zebra’s most popular treats, both in-store or to take home for a dinner party. 

Owner Paul Smith says this tart is “all about flavour”.

Each component — the pastry, filling, cooking process - has been tweaked over the years to come up with the perfect mix.

“A big trick with citrus is not to juice in advance — that way there’s a freshness and depth that gets lost very quickly if it’s done too early,” he said.

You can enjoy this one with a side of cream but it’s fine on its own. 

CHOCOLATE FRECKLE (Corowa Whisky and Chocolate, Corowa)

Love a good chocolate freckle? Make a giant one of your own! 

At Corowa Whisky and Chocolate visitors are pumping out 50+ giant freckles a day.

For $5 a pop visitors have a choice of milk or dark chocolate, hundreds & thousands or coconut.

The treats are made using large plates and take about 20 minutes from start to finish.

There’s a cafe next door to keep you entertained while you wait for the chocolate to set. Open daily 9am to 3.30pm

STEAK AND MUSHROOM PIE (Parker Pies, Rutherglen)

Parker Pies have been famous throughout the region for a good decade but there is one pie that is overlooked — the steak and mushroom. 

Manager Angie Pilgrim says the only reason this pie isn’t the No. 1 seller is because some people don’t like mushrooms but for those who do, this pie is “just divine”.

Reputed for being a “nice full pie full of genuine meat”, the top-three sellers at Parker’s are the ...

- Jolly Jumbuck (lamb in mince and rosemary sauce),

- Beef (beef in rich mushroom and Bobbie Burns red wine sauce) 

- Chicken (chicken, cheese, ham and seeded mustard).

(Boynton's Feathertop Winery, Porepunkah)

When you’re looking for a treat but not necessarily a feast head to Boynton’s Feathertop Winery and make up your own antipasto platter. 

Mix-and-match from the local produce on offer and have staff plate it up for relaxing afternoon on the terrace.

Staff recommend the Milawa ash goat’s cheese, Myrtleford’s Delizie Deli prosciutto, seeded cob loaf, Mt Buffalo Olives olive oil and quince paste.

Open 10am to 5pm daily, no need to book for the platters.

FRUITY SORBET (Monumental Ice Cream, Albury)

There’s no bigger treat than an ice cream in summer and while chocolate is a huge hit all year round, it’s the sorbets walking out the door this year. 

Monumental’s homemade products have become highly popular in Albury since opening earlier this year and staff say say blood orange and passionfruit have been the most popular so far, with mango coming in a close third.

Open 11am to 10pm daily.

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