MARGARET COURT: Director declares event to be best in its history

TOURNAMENT director Phil Shanahan has declared this year’s Margaret Court Cup to be the best yet.

Shanahan was delighted to see the tournament attract so many entrants, and said the event went off without a hitch.

“We had more people than ever, which I think is a testimony to the fact the players enjoy coming back to the Border each year,” he said.

“It has run really smoothly this year.

“When people come here I think they really enjoy the environment and the atmosphere, and we don’t have any of the other problems some other tournaments experience.

“Everyone enjoys themselves.”

Shanahan was proud of the fact the Margaret Court Cup gave young tennis stars the opportunity to play on grass, a rare treat for many of them.

“We have two of the best grass courts in Australia and a lot of the parents have said their kids don’t ever play on grass,” he said.

“It teaches them skills like coming to the net, learning how to volley and slicing the ball, instead of just sitting on the baseline and pounding it out.

“Grass really makes them construct their points and think about their game more,” he said.

Shanahan also praised Albury teenager Isaac Dallinger, who made it to the under-14 boys final.

“Isaac’s just 14 and he’s made the final, which is very impressive,” he said.

“A loss at junior level isn’t necessarily a bad thing — it makes them hungrier and want to work harder and improve their game.

“I’m sure Isaac will do just that.”