It’s going to be 44, so don’t risk a fire

John Bigham

John Bigham

BORDER residents are urged to use this weekend to prepare for next week’s extreme heat and prevent the outbreak of fires.

In Wodonga, Country Fire Authority District 24 operations manager John Bigham said from Monday to Friday would be the longest stint of hot weather the Border had experienced this season.

A high of 44 degrees is predicted for Friday, but it might rain a little before then.

“For people’s own personal health we want them to stay well-hydrated,” Mr Bigham said.

Mr Bigham said he was expecting the worst days next week to be Wednesday and Thursday.

“Most of the week we will have high temperatures but low winds,” he said.

Mr Bigham said all hands would be on deck over the heatwave.

In Albury, the Rural Fire Service’s Inspector Marg Wehner said people should hold off on maintenance around the home and garden.

“Don’t do your mowing, slashing, chainsawing or anything that could create a spark,” she said.

They should take care when pulling their vehicles up or riding motorbikes in tall grass.

“And don’t throw cigarette butts out the window,” she said.