Car tagger to wait on costs

A WEST Albury youth will be back in court next month after police check the damage bill for a car he spray-painted.

The youth put black letters “W, S, B” on the driver door of a NSW Department of Education vehicle in October.

But as he put his tag for “West Side Boys”, he was being watched by a witness which ultimately led to his arrest after a complaint to police.

The youth, 15, appeared in Albury Children’s Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to a charge of damaging property.

Magistrate Tony Murray adjourned sentencing until February 11 for police to get a quote on the compensation cost.

Mr Murray said if a large amount of damage has been caused, it will be an aggravating feature.

The youth walked past a Hyundai Elantra in Mott Street about 4.30pm on October 24.

It was parked opposite the West Albury Public School and had been leased by a truancy officer with the department.

The youth took a spray can from his pocket and put the letters on the door.

A witness was standing nearby and saw what was happening.

The truancy officer was attending the school, found the damage when he returned to his vehicle about 4.45pm and immediately contacted police.