No doctor called for Wodonga man in custody

WODONGA man Steven Hyatt was denied seeing a doctor while in police custody overnight despite suffering from multiple injuries including a suspected dislocated shoulder, a court has heard.

Hyatt’s solicitor Sally Wilson told the court it was “totally unsatisfactory” her client had not received any medical treatment when he was obviously injured.

“I’m not criticising the police, I’m criticising the system,” she said.

Ms Wilson said after Hyatt turned himself in to Wodonga police about 1.30pm on Thursday he was seen by a custody nurse.

She told the custody sergeant Hyatt “sounded like he needed a doctor” but by 7.20pm a doctor had still not arrived.

Another nurse called later to say no doctor would be attending as it wasn’t needed.

Ms Wilson said neither Hyatt nor his two brothers had seen a doctor despite the fact such a move had been advised by magistrate Ian Watkins during a remand hearing on Thursday.