Yarrawonga co-coach says: Let's play fair, guys

Yarrawonga co-coach Chris Kennedy
Yarrawonga co-coach Chris Kennedy

YARRAWONGA co-coach Chris Kennedy is disappointed rival Ovens and Murray clubs are targeting North Albury in the wake of its financial woes.
The Hoppers found an unlikely ally down the river yesterday, with the Pigeons’ non-playing mentor saying it would be poor form to poach players from Bunton Park.
A host of North Albury stars are being courted by both district and other O and M clubs after it was revealed some hadn’t received match payments for last season.
The Hoppers are up to $130,000 in debt.
Although Kennedy accepted there were reasons why some Hoppers were weighing up their futures, he said he would be disappointed if other clubs were using North Albury’s plight to their own advantage.
“I just don’t like seeing a club kicked while they’re down,” he said.
“It’s not good for anyone.
“Obviously it’s all out there now what’s happening but I think they should be left alone to sort it out and find some stability.
“They’re a big part of the history of the Ovens and Murray and it’s scary to think how long it would take them to recover if their gun players left as well.”
Kennedy, who alongside Drew Barnes has led the Pigeons to the past two premierships, said the O and M was enjoying a strong off-season in general and didn’t need clubs to start pinching players from each other.
“Every club is working hard in the competition right now and have been attracting quality players to the area without cannibalising each other,” he said.
“So it would be disappointing if it started.”
The Pigeons, who are hoping to win a hat-trick of flags for the first time in their history, seem settled on recruiting.
The reigning premier has added SANFL 150-gamer Michael Handbyand Cobram speedster Logan Morey, while Brandon Symes and Scott Oswald have returned.