Jail for guns, ammo cache

A WALLA man has been jailed for three years over the possession of 15 unregistered guns, a large supply of ammunition and a prohibited trench knife.

The items were uncovered by police from the NSW firearms and organised crime squad in a raid in 2012.

Peter Malcolm Watson last year pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to possessing more than three unregistered firearms and magistrate Tony Murray committed him for sentencing in the District Court in Albury in October.

Judge Michael King heard submissions and transferred the matter back to Sydney.

Watson, 55, of Commercial Street, was jailed for three years with a minimum term of 18 months making him due for release in June next year.

Officers from Strike Force Eddystone were involved in the raid which took place at 5.05pm on September 24, 2012.

They produced a search warrant relating to firearms and Watson admitted having guns.

He took police to a cabinet in the garage where they found a .22 long rifle, .270 repeating rifle, .30 calibre repeating rifles, a Winchester 37/22 bolt action rifle, an under and over double barrel shotgun and .54 percussion rifle with a magazine.

An Esky in the garage contained assorted ammunition along with a firearm cleaning kit.

Watson took police to a toilet in the garage, provided them with a cordless drill and told them to remove a panel.

Inside the wall they found shotguns, a 30-30 lever action rifle, .22 bolt action rifle and ammunition.

While searching an area in the garage, police found a prohibited trench knife and an air rifle.

Watson told police he was unaware it was an offence to have the knife.

One of the .22 rifles is prohibited because it is semi-automatic.

Police found 360 rounds of assorted ammunition.

Watson had offered some of the guns for sale which were located in the wall cavity.

The court was told Watson does not hold a shooter’s licence.

The guns and ammunition were not stored safely.