Violent father, 17, in custody

A LAVINGTON youth convicted of a savage and sustained attack on the mother of his young child was remanded in custody yesterday after breaching bail conditions.

The youth, 17, applied for bail in Albury Children’s Court, but it was rejected and he will reappear on Tuesday by video link from Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre in Wagga for a mention of fresh charges.

He had previously been convicted in his absence on charges of assault and contravening an apprehended violence order.

The youth has been in a relationship for two years with his de facto partner.

They have a child aged four months old.

They were asleep at a Lavington residence on November 16 when the baby awoke and was comforted by the mother.

But the youth didn’t appreciate being woken up and abused the mother when they went outside for a cigarette.

He punched her in the stomach and she fell over, hitting her head on a concrete path.

She told him to go away, but the youth pushed her to the ground and she scratched her arm.

He followed her when she tried to walk across a road.

After cowering in the middle of the road, she was dragged back to the nature strip.

The youth walked away and police arrived to find the mother crying and shaking, while other police found the youth nearby and arrested him.

Two people driving past saw the attack.

They told police the mother was slapped or punched after being dragged off the road and was thrown to the ground.

Cowering in a foetal position, she was kicked or punched until one of them told the youth police were coming.

The youth has since been charged with intimidation and intentionally or recklessly causing damage to property on December 18.

He admitted breaching bail between January 20 and 23.