Handful of party-poopers

THE actions of a few spoiled the Australia Day party for many, with police having to break up fights at Noreuil Park and use a Taser at Albury’s Astor Hotel to stop an assault.

Albury police acting Inspector Tim Winkelman said police patrolling Noreuil Park in the early evening were taunted by party-goers.

“They were duly arrested for offensive conduct and offensive language and three people (two aged 19) will go before the court next month,” Insp Winkelman said.

“They’re old enough to know better.”

He said the same three young men had been involved in a fight at the park about 6pm — there were no injuries but several police were called to assist.

An Albury man was tasered at the Astor Hotel after a fight at the Young Street premises at 7.45pm.

Insp Winkelman said police had been patrolling at the hotel when a fight started between two men aged 41 and 49.

“During the course of breaking the fight up, one of the men was Tasered,” Insp Winkelman said.

“Both were arrested and they are going to court next month in relation to affray.”

He said both had received minor injuries in their fight and were assessed by paramedics as not needing further medical attention.

He said no injuries were sustained from the taser.

“Once the taser was used, that quelled the situation,” he said.

Insp Winkelman said Albury residents were mostly well behaved.

“A select few that had a bit too much to drink spoiled the party for others,” he said.

Wodonga police Ldg Sen-Constable Chris Grimmett said the biggest concern early last night was noise complaints from Australia Day parties in the town.

“We’ve been quite busy dealing with noise complaints, but they haven’t gotten out of control as yet,” Sen-Constable Grimmett said.

“There has also been reports of poor behaviour at the Hume Weir — again — of a moderate nature.”