No-show driver on run

Warren Farrelly
Warren Farrelly

BANNED Albury driver Warren Edward Farrelly is on the run after failing to attend court this week and warrants were issued for his arrest.

Last November Farrelly received a 17-month jail sentence, with a minimum of five months, for knocking down a pedestrian causing a severe abdominal injury that exposed her internal organs.

Magistrate Tony Murray said Farrelly had shown “a callous indifference” after the accident in Wilson Street about 1.10pm on March 25 and had driven off.

But Mr Murray said he was prepared to have Farrelly, 38, assessed for a home detention order.

He failed to attend for assessment and yesterday Mr Murray was told Farrelly had left the area owing his landlord a lot of money.

Howlong woman Kathleen Swinden, 60, suffered the injury after being hit by the tray of a vehicle driven by Farrelly.

He turned around and drove past at walking pace to check the consequences of his actions.

Farrelly indicated to those helping Ms Swinden he would park around the corner, but he kept going.

A woman police officer who attended the scene discovered the victim’s internal organs exposed and pushed them back inside the stomach wound.

Evidence was presented in November that Ms Swinden has a bulging scar and trouble sleeping due to pain.

She attended court for the sentencing of Farrelly on five charges, including disqualified driving, negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm and failing to stop and render assistance after a vehicle impact causing grievous bodily harm.

Farrelly claimed he had seen a drunk woman walking in the middle of the road waving.

Mr Murray said there was no evidence Ms Swinden was intoxicated and Farrelly must have been aware she had sustained substantial injuries.

He said there was significant public interest in courts providing general deterrence to those responsible for incidents that caused serious injuries and drove off.

Mr Murray said NSW law set a maximum penalty of seven years’ jail on the charge of failing to stop and assist after a vehicle impact causing grievous bodily harm.

Farrelly, who was disqualified until December 10 this year, had another four years added to his time off the road.