Treating voters with contempt

TONY Abbott’s pugnacious nature, so clearly seen in opposition, is coming across in government policy.

It has taken this government only six months to trash our formerly good relationship with Indonesia, trash our reputation as an honest upholder of the UN Refugee Convention, and slash and burn all climate laws in sight.

Now the purity of the Great Barrier Reef is threatened by the green light given to Abbott’s friends in the coal industry for full-scale development.

To top this off, the Abbott Government is applying to remove parts of the Tasmanian forests from the UN world heritage lists.

No joy either for the luckless SPC Ardmona workers of Shepparton, despite the outcry from local federal member Sharman Stone.

Tony Abbott said Australia was open for business, but what he really meant was business for the top end of town.

The outcome of this will be increasing inequality throughout our nation, something that is already happening.

It means short-term advantage for the few at the expense of long-term disadvantage for the many, especially the next generation.

All this is being done in an atmosphere of militant secrecy.

Our government needs to stop treating the public with contempt.

Australians deserve the dignity of a government that will do the right thing for the environment, asylum seekers and the needy and will tell us the truth.

When is the next election?