‘A good money girl’ is placed on bonds

A LAVINGTON woman praised by drug syndicate boss Malcolm Collins has been put on 24-month bonds for drug supply offences.

Gwenlynne Marlene Pertzel was sentenced in Albury Local Court on six charges after the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

One of conditions imposed by magistrate Tony Murray prevents Pertzel, 50, of Griffith Road, from associating or contacting Collins, who is serving a jail term for his involvement as the mastermind of an extensive drug ring.

Mr Murray was previously told in tendered police facts that Pertzel received a glowing recommendation from Collins in a phone call in 2012.

Pertzel was a regular customer seeking “ice” from Collins and organised to buy it for other people and friends.

Her involvement came to light in the more than 20,000 phone calls legally taped by police of Collins, his associates and customers.

In a call made on October 8, Collins was heard to say: “Gwen is good for points, a good money girl.”

Collins and many of his associates were raided soon after and have since had penalties imposed by courts.

Pertzel, formerly of Matra Place, was contacted by drug squad detectives on September 17 last year.

She attended the police station the next day, but declined to be interviewed.

The charges relate to offences between August 21 and October 8, 2012, with the amounts ranging 0.1 to 0.3 of a gram.

Strike Force Roder was set up in March 2012 to investigate drug supplying by Collins and associates.

Pertzel was identified as a regular customer who found new clients for Collins.

She arranged the sale of drugs to her friends for amounts varying from $50 to $300.