12 months in jail for drug supply

A TOCUMWAL woman nabbed supplying drugs during an undercover police sting was yesterday jailed for 12 months.

Anne-Maree Brunskill appeared in Albury Local Court for sentencing on 11 charges and magistrate Tony Murray imposed a minimum term of four months.

“I am satisfied she is a street-level dealer,” Mr Murray said.

He said the charges were serious when viewed individually, but more so when considered cumulatively.

Mr Murray said Brunskill, 47, of Hill Street, was deemed unsuitable for an intensive corrections order or home detention because of unresolved alcohol and drug issues.

She has admitted continuing cannabis use, with a gram used daily.

Solicitor Ian Geddes suggested that it was appropriate to impose a suspended sentence on Brunskill.

“This is an ongoing supply over a period of time. That’s her biggest hurdle,” Mr Murray said.

He said Brunskill had received commercial gain from her drug selling, but it was difficult to quantify the amount.

Police from the Deniliquin region began a controlled operation targeting Brunskill in July last year.

Drugs were supplied to a police operative in August, September and October in varying amounts.

The operative began getting cannabis on August 6 when he paid $50 for 3.15 grams.

Larger amounts were bought by the operative, with 30.5 grams obtained for $280 on August 14 and 32.4 grams for $280 on August 30.

Brunskill provided 31.6 grams of cannabis on September 13 for $280 and, at the same time, provided 14 grams to another man for $150.

The cannabis was stored in a 10 to 15-litre ice-cream container.

The operative on September 14 asked about buying half a pound (227 grams).

Brunskill did not hesitate and said she could supply that amount for $1700, but there would not be much profit in it for her.

Officers executed a search warrant at her home on October 9 and seized 1.06 kilograms of cannabis leaf, along with a water pipe for smoking it and other items connected to drug supply and use.

She admitted supplying an ounce (28.5 grams) four times weekly, to close friends.

Police estimated that Brunskill would have sold more than 2.7 kilograms of the drug over a six-month period.