Top gong for dedicated couple

Greg and Sally Chang with their awards and products. Picture: MATTHEW SMITHWICK
Greg and Sally Chang with their awards and products. Picture: MATTHEW SMITHWICK

SALLY Chang wanted “a change of life” after successfully fighting breast cancer.

With that in mind, she and husband Greg bought a business they have developed into the best in the nation.

The Howlong couple have a Lifetime Distributors franchise that involves them taking sample display boxes of books and gifts to their customers’ businesses.

After two weeks they replace the box with a new one, while taking orders for the first box on display.

In just 16 months they have grown the Albury business from serving 180 businesses to 420.

Their efforts were recently acknowledged when they were awarded the company’s national franchisee of the year.

That was out of 141 franchisees and distributors across Australia and New Zealand.

Added to that were awards for NSW, including most outstanding franchisee and the franchise with the highest increase in unit sales.

“We are very proud of our achievements,” Mrs Chang said, pointing out their success as the result of “sheer hard work”.

“We put in probably 90 hours each week and we’re just motivated people,” she said.

Mrs Chang said they quickly built up a trust with their customers.

“We’re actually allowed into back rooms and staff rooms so we never forget the privilege our customers give us in allowing us into their restricted areas,” she said.

The business covers a large area.

Also, the Changs donate five cents from every single book or gift sold to Make-A-Wish Australia.

The business will soon have a new name, Books and Gifts Direct.

The Changs are pleased that Books and Gifts Direct will also support the McGrath Foundation in its work helping people with breast cancer.