VIDEO: Truckie terror caught on camera

A car's front and rear vehicle cameras capture the shocking incident on film.

A car's front and rear vehicle cameras capture the shocking incident on film.

Source: Illawarra Mercury


A rogue truckie has been caught on camera driving dangerously and smashing the side view mirror of a fellow motorist while travelling up Mount Ousley Road.

Unbeknown to the truck driver, the motorist was operating a front and rear view vehicle camera and managed to record the terrifying incident, which happened about 7am on February 5.

The beginning of the video shows the motorist decelerating to accommodate traffic.

Despite facing other, slow moving trucks ahead, and multiple vehicles passing on either side, the truck driver hounds the motorist, tailgating him, blaring the horn and flashing the truck’s lights.

The truck then falls behind the motorist, but soon accelerates to overtake him, screaming past on the inside despite plenty of room in the outside lane.

Towards the end of the video, the truck driver cuts in front of the motorist, and in the process takes out the car’s side view mirror.

The driver operating the camera was too afraid of retaliation to speak publicly, however provided the Illawarra Mercury with the footage in the hope it would improve safety on the region’s roads.

The truck driver was working for Unanderra company Brindles.

After being shown the video, company director Scott Jones said the driver would face disciplinary action. 

‘‘It hurts everyone else in the company due to one guy’s stupidity,’’ he said.

‘‘That’s not our procedural policy to be driving like that on the road.’’

He encouraged anyone who witnessed similar incidents involving Brindles to contact the police and the company itself.

 ‘‘If someone has an accident, if we don’t know that accident has happened, we can’t do anything,’’ Mr Jones said.

The truckie cuts into the driver’s lane ...

The truckie cuts into the driver’s lane ...

.... there goes the left-side rear vision mirror ...

.... there goes the left-side rear vision mirror ...

... and it’s see you later as he speeds off.

... and it’s see you later as he speeds off.

Wollongong Highway Patrol Senior Constable Adam Tregonning said  by failing to stop after the collision, the truck driver had  committed an offence.

He encouraged motorists to show respect to one another, particularly on Mt Ousley Road. 

‘‘You’ve got to be mindful of other motorists, that goes for all motorists,’’ he said. ‘‘If everyone had a bit more patience, our job would be a lot easier. 

‘‘Mt Ousley Road is a very busy road and people just need to be mindful of other road users.’’

Because the motorist who provided the video has not approached police, the truck driver is unlikely to be charged.

The incident follows other trucking industry controversy  this week, with Unanderra company McCabe Transport facing 235 fatigue-related charges, and police issuing nine infringement notices after swooping on a Coles distribution centre in Western Sydney. 

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