Man drove after his partner

A LAVINGTON man who drove down a footpath, chasing his partner and her daughter, will be sentenced next month on several charges.

Leslie Payne had argued with his partner on December 8 before she took the car keys and sat in the driver’s seat to prevent him leaving.

But a court has been told Payne started hitting the car with a plank of wood, telling her to get out.

A chunk of wood he threw through the driver’s window hit her in the head, causing pain, swelling and bruising.

When she got out leaving the keys, Payne reversed out of the driveway.

He drove along a footpath at speed and his partner and her daughter, 12, were terrified.

They ran until Payne drove off the footpath and left the area before police arrived.

She rang police a couple of hours later, telling them Payne was back. They returned and arrested him.

Payne, 30, of Darke Street, has pleaded guilty to assault, two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and dangerous driving.

Sentencing has been adjourned until March 3 in Albury Local Court.

Payne had been in a de facto relationship for two years. He has four children from previous relationships and his partner three.

The drama started when Payne arrived home on December 8. His partner and her daughter were sitting on a lounge. Payne threw a full can of soft drink at her but it struck the girl on the right forearm, causing pain and bruising.

Payne told his partner to get out of his house but she resisted when he tried to pull her from the lounge and her shirt ripped.

He then told her he would punch her in the mouth if she didn’t leave.

She went to a neighbour’s house, called police and waited with her daughter for them to arrive.

There was an argument about why he was so angry and then the battle with the car keys before he drove off.