Who, me? Thief tells police

LAVINGTON man Michael Alan Witt told detectives he had nothing to do with the robbery of a disabled man when interviewed last year.

The robbery happened about 10.35pm on July 25 and closed circuit footage from a nearby shop and hotel helped identify Witt and his accomplice.

Witt, 25, was charged over the robbery and released on bail, but police sought a review and his bail was revoked on August 6.

He pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court yesterday to charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm in company and demanding property in company with menaces, intending to steal.

Director of Public Prosecutions’ representative Andrew Hanshaw withdrew a more serious charge of robbery in company.

Witt’s sentencing was adjourned to the District Court sittings in Albury in April and he remains in custody.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told in tendered facts the victim, 31, was looking for his lost hearing aid near the entrance to Blockbuster video store in Wagga Road.

He shone a torch around the entrance door as he searched.

The victim called out to Witt and an accomplice as they walked from Griffith Road to Wagga Road.

Witt approached the victim and, without warning, punched him in the face, causing a small cut and immediate pain.

He fell to the ground and the accomplice said: “Empty your pockets and give us what you have”.

The victim was in fear and produced a packet of cigarettes with about 10 inside and a plastic lighter.

The accomplice took them from the victim’s hand and they ran off towards the Boomerang Hotel.

As they ran away, several witnesses were making their way to the incident.

Witt and his accomplice ran through the hotel to Union Road where patrolling police spoke to them.

Police obtained security footage from Blockbuster and the hotel.

The accomplice, arrested on July 26, told police he could not remember what happened.

When police approached Witt soon after he tried to get away, but was arrested.

He denied any involvement and admitted running from police because he didn’t want to return to jail.