Head injury after row over woman

A BENALLA man was flown to hospital in Melbourne yesterday with severe head injuries after fight over a woman.

He had bleeding on the brain and a fractured skull that police believe was caused by him being hit with an axe handle.

Sgt Shannon Murphy said the man had gone to a Ballantine Street home at 10.30pm on Wednesday and spoke to a man inside, through a bedroom window.

“The conversation has deteriorated into an argument and that resulted in the suspect punching the victim in the face through the flywire screening,” Sgt Murphy said.

The alleged attacker then used an axe handle to hit the victim over the head and on the leg.

The suspect fled and the victim was taken to Wangaratta hospital after his housemate called an ambulance.

Sgt Murphy said the victim, 46, had been flown to The Austin Hospital yesterday.

He said his condition had since stabilised and he could be discharged today.

He said the argument, between the men who knew each other, was believed to be over a woman both of them knew.

Sgt Murphy said another house in Ballantine Street had been searched on Wednesday night and an axe handle had been found, along with cannabis plants.

A Benalla man, 50, was charged on Wednesday night with assault, assault with a weapon and possession of drugs.

He was then bailed and he will appear in the Benalla Magistrates Court at a later date.