Sign ‘a red rag’ to the police

DISQUALIFIED driver Matthew John Jackson found a guaranteed way to get police attention as he rode a borrowed motorcycle in Albury.

On July 11 last year police saw him riding in Pemberton Street on a Suzuki 250cc.

He had lifted both his hands from the handle bars while travelling at 50km/h.

Police moved in closer and saw the motorcycle’s registration plates were missing.

There was a piece of paper stuck where the plates should have been and written on it was FU50.

The officers recognised 50 as an American slang term for police.

Jackson was followed to Thurgoona Street and was then stopped in Stanley Street after officers activated the lights on their vehicle.

He was asked for his licence and admitted he was disqualified.

He was unable to say whether the bike was registered because it belonged to a friend.

Jackson, 39, of Hakea Place, pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to disqualified driving and using an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

He had been sentenced in Albury court in December 2012 for traffic offences and had received a three-year disqualification and seven-month suspended jail term.

His provisional licence expired on December 9, 1993, and Jackson has since been convicted of several disqualified driving matters.

Jackson’s sentencing on the most recent charges had been deferred to determine whether he was suitable for an intensive corrections order.

But magistrate Tony Murray said Jackson was deemed unsuitable and considering his record, the only appropriate penalty was a jail term.

Mr Murray imposed a three-month jail term and disqualified Jackson for another two years from December 2016.

Jackson was fined $250 for each of the offences.