‘Warning’ results in jail term

AN attempt by Joshua John Miller to warn off a witness to his involvement in the theft of a safe has led to a 12-month jail term.

Miller, 20, of Albury, pleaded guilty to a charge of doing an act with intent to influence a witness.

The jail term was imposed by Judge Ross Letherbarrow in the District Court at Albury with a minimum term of six months expiring on April 18.

Miller appeared in Albury Local Court last October and was committed for trial by magistrate Megan Greenwood, who rejected a bail application.

But he later pleaded guilty to the offence and appeared for sentencing.

Miller was in jail on charges relating to the theft of a safe from a house in Kiewa Street, Albury, on November 7, 2012.

It had $10,000 cash inside and jewellery and alcohol were also stolen.

An angle grinder was used to open the safe at the crematorium and a witness provided a number of statements to police.

Miller was on remand at Junee jail when he made a phone call to his brother about 12.45pm on January 3 last year.

Police said he spoke in “pig Latin”, identified the witness and said: “Oy, he dobbed me in bro”.

The response from his relative was: “Yeah, I know”.

Miller responded by saying: “You say not to go to court or I’ll break his legs”.

There was a further threat by Miller about breaking the jaw of the witness.

Police investigators interviewed Miller at Wagga and he denied knowledge of the comments.