Kidnapping was aimed at drug buy

ANTHONY Richard Illarietti’s long time drug problem was the catylst for kidnapping a man at Corowa and bringing him to Albury, a court heard yesterday.

Illarietti was on parole early last year when he was told it would be revoked because the Probation and Parole Service had detected drugs in his urine.

It was his intention to get more ice when he borrowed $350 from a Corowa man.

Illarietti was accompanied by the man along with Corowa woman Krystal Stewart when they came to Albury and went to three or four locations seeking out drug dealers.

They ultimately got a stash of ice and shared it between them.

But a couple of days later, Illarietti was seeking more money for drugs when he kidnapped the man who supplied the money.

Illarietti told the victim that he needed $1000 then lifted his shirt to reveal a pair of secateurs along with a knife.

Money was withdrawn from an ATM and the victim gave Illarietti his Mastercard along with the PIN.

Illarietti withdrew money, gave some to Stewart and they put the victim in the back seat of a car for a trip to Albury.

Police stopped them when they saw Illarietti talking on a mobile phone and the victim escaped.

Illarietti, 30, appeared for sentencing in the District Court at Albury yesterday on a kidnapping charge.

A victim impact statement was tendered to Judge Ross Letherbarrow and when giving evidence Illarietti apologised for what he did to the victim.

Since being on remand in jail, Illarietti has expressed a desire to attend residential drug rehabilitation.

“There is no doubt the offender has reached a turning point,” Judge Letherbarrow said.

Judge Letherbarrow said Illarietti is now trying to overcome his drug problem after being jailed in 2005 for aggravated robbery and in 2008 for robbery armed with an offensive weapon.

Illarietti was jailed for three years backdated to August 4 last year with a minimum term of 18 months expiring on February 3 next year.

Judge Letherbarrow said Illarietti’s drug use was not a mitigating factor.