Selling to feed her own habit

LAVINGTON woman Cassandra Iris Denniss was yesterday sentenced to 150 hours community service over supplying ice for Albury drug syndicate boss Malcolm Collins.

Solicitor Andrea MacDonald told Albury Local Court Denniss, 22, formerly of Wodonga, was selling to maintain her own habit.

Police alleged Denniss supplied ice between July and October 2012 and her involvement came to light in telephone intercepts.

Ms MacDonald said by the time Denniss was arrested she had developed a “heavy habit” of ice use.

When interviewed by detectives after her arrest, Denniss said she could not remember much about the supplying because she was so heavily addicted to ice.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told in tendered facts that police identified about 50 phone calls between Denniss and Collins.

They talked about the purchase and supply of ice, with Denniss mainly getting half-gram lots for between $300 and $350.

She discussed the amounts to be supplied and how the transactions would take place.

Denniss on August 16 and 17, 2012, negotiated the purchase of 2.5 grams on five separate occasions to on-sell it.

She rang Collins on September 7 and asked him to “tick” her up for half a gram.

“Darling, the only thing I’ll tick is a tick. Darling, those days are gone,” Collins said.

She told him: “Mal, I’ve made you a heap of money and you promised me last time that if I sold one more half, you would help me out, and I’ve sold you three more halves since then.”

Denniss attended the police station after a request from detectives and admitted selling ice.

Ms MacDonald said Denniss started using cannabis and progressed to amphetamine.

She has since completed a six-month residential rehabilitation program and been clean for 500 days.

Mr Murray said the case against Denniss was exceptionally strong as it was based on phone intercepts.