Warning was too late for truck driver

TRUCK driver Daniel Allan Blackwood kept getting text messages on his mobile phone after his arrest in Tumbarumba on Saturday, a court heard yesterday.

The messages were warnings that police and a drug detection dog were in town and he should avoid them.

But it was too late because he was in custody after police allegedly found a stash of ice, a gun and hunting knife in a sheath.

Officers had seen Blackwood reversing his truck from the driveway of a residence they had information about relating to the drug ice.

They followed Blackwood, of Goulburn, for a short distance, stopped him and he denied any knowledge of drug activity until told a sniffer dog was just minutes away.

Police activated an audio and video recorder, and Blackwood said he had a green pouch containing drugs.

A medium-sized resealable bag containing 16 grams of ice was found, along with a small bag containing one gram.

Blackwood said the small amount was for his personal use and he found the other bag in Tumbarumba’s main street.

Police found two glass pipes in the pouch, 52 smaller deal bags with skull logos and two sets of digital scales.

There was $5620 in his wallet, which police will allege is the proceeds of criminal activity.

The sniffer dog gave a number of drug indications inside the truck and police found a single barrel shotgun, along with a box of 50 .22 bullets and a hunting knife in a sheath under the driver’s seat.

Blackwood claimed he found the gun at a tip a week prior and was going to give it to a firearms dealer.

Blackwood, 49, appeared in Albury Local Court yesterday on nine charges, including two drug supply matters, firearms offences and dealing with property suspected of being the proceeds of crime.

Mr Murray was told Blackwood admitted supplying two people 3.5 grams of ice a fortnight.

Police will allege Blackwood has supplied 28 grams over two months.

Prosecutor Sgt Andrew Pike opposed bail and Mr Murray said there was a presumption against bail with some charges.

Solicitor Andrea MacDonald said Blackwood had no previous convictions for drugs or firearms offences and had strong ties at Goulburn.

She said his wife could provide a $20,000 surety and $5000 cash deposit.

But Mr Murray refused bail, ordered a police brief of evidence and adjourned the charges until April 14.