Man who made threat to kill to be assessed

A WODONGA man who threatened to kill his former partner will be assessed to see whether he has schizophrenia or an acquired brain injury.

The findings of two reports ordered in the County Court in Wodonga yesterday will be used to determine whether Jackson Roger McEwan qualifies for a reduction in his sentence.

A report that suggested McEwan might have been affected by one or both of these conditions was put before his plea hearing yesterday.

But Justice Roy Punshon said there simply was not enough forensic detail in this report to establish whether McEwan, 23, had a pre-existing condition at the time of the offences.

Justice Punshon said there was no doubt McEwan faced jail time, but the reports could dictate the length of his non- parole period.

The court heard McEwan had been in a motorcycle crash about eight years ago.

He suffered a head injury that left him unconscious in a Melbourne hospital for four days.

McEwan pleaded guilty yesterday to threat to kill, recklessly cause injury and two counts of aggravated burglary.

Defence barrister Char-les Morgan said McEwan had told him he had no memory of the incident.

Crown prosecutor Tom Lynch said McEwan’s former partner had obtained a 12-month intervention order against him on September 4 last year.

But McEwan went around to the victim’s Hereford Street house on January 3 this year, about 10pm.

The ex-partner was inside, along with their child, 2, and a female friend.

McEwan knocked on the front door, then after getting no response went to a window.

He pushed away a piece of cardboard in the space left by a since-removed air-conditioning unit, then leant through into the loungeroom.

McEwan yelled out that he was going to “smash” his ex-partner and that he was “going to kill” her.

The next morning he made phone calls and sent texts to his ex-partner, again laden with threats.

McEwan returned to the house on January 6 about 11.10pm.

His ex-partner was in the house, along with her five-year-old brother and her new boyfiend.

McEwan climbed through an open window, approaching the boyfriend as he lay on the floor.

He then kicked and punched the man, inflicting bruises and scratches.

Mr Morgan said McEwan’s time in custody had done a lot of good, allowing him to receive the treatment he required.

“The difference between the man in September and now is extraordinary,” he said.

The court heard it would take up to six weeks for the specialist reports.

The case was adjourned to the next circuit of the County Court in Wodonga.

McEwan did not apply for bail and so was further remanded in custody.