Bowlers drive to ditch Sunday

THE Albury and District Bowling Association will hold two rounds of pennant this weekend.

The “double-header” was arranged by the district board after earlier rounds were unable to be played through excessive heat and rain on one weekend.

It was decided at a district board meeting on Tuesday night that rounds two and three will be abandoned.

The season in effect will now be eight rounds instead of the original 10.

But the allocation of games on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend has caused problems with a public holiday in Victoria on Monday.

Some bowlers who work in Victoria had made arrangements for other commitments on Sunday and Monday.

North Albury was hoping to start its grade three clash against Commercial club at 10am.

Some other clubs have come to an arrangement to play early, starting at that time.

But the board meeting was told that Commercial Club is disinclined to have an early start and wants the usual roll-up time of 1.40pm.

It was suggested the game could be transferred to either March 23 or 30.

Both clubs have to agree on when the game will be played and negotiations were continuing yesterday.

Two players in North Albury’s top team, Alan Ross and Cyril Freund, were going to a major tournament in Dubbo to compete starting Monday.

They were drawn against world number two Jeremy Henry, but have decided to cancel through the possibly of having to play on Sunday.

The board received a letter from Lavington Panthers suggesting a change to the pennant format with no play in January.

It proposed the season start in February and continue until late April or May.

There is another suggestion about starting pennant before Christmas as happened some years ago.

The board is going to present several proposals to clubs for consideration.

They will be distributed well in advance on the district annual meeting in July.

That will enable clubs to get a consensus from their members about the preferred format.

But it is likely to cause disagreement between country and city clubs as has happened in the past before the adoption of a 10-week season several years ago.