Knife fight ends with 7 wounds

AN argument over the supervision of children grew into a brutal confrontation, a court heard yesterday.

A man was stabbed seven times and two of the wounds could have been life-threatening.

Albury man Raoul Levi Walton left a party in London Road, Wodonga, before midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2010, and went to a nearby house.

He wanted to complain to the occupant, Lee Lane, about a lack of supervision of his (Lane’s) son and another boy playing in the street.

But when Walton began swearing at Mr Lane, he was told to leave.

Instead, he went inside the house, carrying a knife.

Mr Lane retreated to his kitchen, armed himself with a knife with a 20-centimetre blade and the men clashed.

Three men entered the house and one took Lane’s knife from him.

Walton shaped up in a fighting stance and struck Mr Lane several times with his right fist while holding a knife.

After a brief clash, Walton and the other men — who have not been identified — left.

Mr Lane was taken to hospital after police arrived at 12.20am.

He was treated there for the stab wounds and a cut below his eye.

Crown prosecutor Tom Lynch outlined the violent battle in the County Court, Wodonga.

Walton, 30, has pleaded guilty to a charge of recklessly causing serious injury.

Judge Roy Punshon was told a wound to Mr Lane’s left forearm was consistent with being a defensive injury.

A doctor’s report indicated the two wounds to his chest were potentially life threatening.

A victim impact statement from Mr Lane said he had suffered insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks since the incident.

His health had deteriorated. He no longer had an appetite and his weight had dropped to just 47 kilograms.

He was seeing a psychologist and panicked when he was around groups of people.

Walton’s barrister, Diana Price, said luckily none of the wounds Walton had inflicted had damaged vital organs.

“At the conclusion of this fight, both men are bleeding,” Ms Price said.

Walton spent 249 days on remand before being released on bail which was revoked by Judge Punshon on Tuesday.

“This is a serious matter and it is understood a further period in custody is required,” Ms Price said.

“He appreciates Mr Lane has significant injuries. He wishes that was not the case.”

Sentencing was adjourned until today.