Adamshurst ideal home for stairs

The stairs at Albury Art gallery.
The stairs at Albury Art gallery.

ARCHDEACON Peter MacLeod-Miller has revealed he wants the former art gallery staircase to make its new home at Adamshurst, which his family recently purchased and is renovating.

An approach has been made to Albury Council about acquiring the staircase, which has to be replaced in the $10.5 million art gallery redevelopment due to no longer meeting building standards.

Father MacLeod-Miller said Adamshurst was an “ideal solution” for the cedar staircase.

The art gallery was built as a town hall and both this building and a grand extension to Adamshurst were designed in the early 1900s by the same eminent Sydney architect, Gordon McKinnon.

The council has told Father MacLeod-Miller the staircase will be dismantled and placed in storage in the short term with its future the subject of an expressions of interest process.

“They have certainly not said no and there has to be a process,” he said.

“But the danger of it going into storage means it goes on the council backburner.

“When you look at the examples of the Uiver, Cumberoona and water wheel, the backburner is not a particularly safe place for a historical treasure to be.”

The staircase would provide access to upstairs rooms at Adamshurst which will eventually become Father MacLeod-Miller’s permanent home.

The refurbishment has begun and he wants to know as soon as possible if he was in contention to secure the staircase.

He said he was also prepared to negotiate a suitable price.

“Time is of the essence,” he said.

“I am glad there is a process, but I am fearing the backburner.

“Whatever happens it will be costly.”

He said Adamshurst would also be used for fund-raising events.

“I am not a property developer and I am using the house for its original intention, but also incorporating a community aspect,” he said.