Assault sparked by $500 debt

AN outstanding debt was the catalyst for serious assaults in a confrontation at an Albury house earlier this month, a court heard yesterday.

Police told Albury Local Court a couple who were friends with Bandiana man David Michael Tanner loaned him $500 in December last year because he had become unemployed.

Tanner agreed to pay it back, but his friendship with the couple deteriorated and they stopped speaking.

It was about 11.45am on March 3 when Tanner’s wife went to Wodonga Plaza.

She was approached by the man involved in loaning the money and he demanded it back.

Tanner and Wodonga man Leslie Graeme Broome went to a house in South Albury about 11.50 that night and forced their way inside.

There was an argument between Tanner and the man who demanded the money back.

Tanner punched the man’s partner to the face with a closed fist, grabbed hold of her hair and dragged her out the door.

It is alleged Broome punched her face and the force knocked the woman to the ground, causing her to black out.

Broome started fighting with the woman’s husband, they exchanged blows then wrestled and fell into a rose bush.

Tanner approached the man and punched him five times to the left side of the head with a fist.

The woman rang triple-0, but Broome grabbed the phone and threw it away.

After police arrived, the woman was taken to hospital by ambulance and later had surgery in Melbourne for facial fractures.

Tanner, 39, of Whistler Concourse, and Broome, 43, of Tarakan Street, each appeared in custody charged with aggravated entering a dwelling in company and recklessly causing grievous bodily harm.

Magistrate Tony Murray said if convicted, Tanner faces a standard non-parole period of five years’ jail.

Tanner was released on $5000 bail, with a $3000 surety and $2000 cash deposit.

He cannot enter NSW unless attending legal conferences or court and cannot associate with Broome.

Solicitor Tim Hemsley said Broome denies throwing a punch and he was released on $3000 bail, with a $2000 surety and $1000 cash deposit.

The charges against both men were adjourned until May 5.