SS & A’s right to brag

THE SS & A Squash Club has earned bragging rights for the next 12 months after snaring the Jim Matthews Memorial Shield at Lavington last weekend.

The face-off between the Lavington Panthers, Commercial Club and SS & A has, in the past, not been a happy hunting ground for the sailors, soldiers and airmen — the win just the club’s second in the competition’s 14-year history.

SS & A’s Murray Ashcroft said they carry the kudos to a home court defence next year.

“It’s a five-minute warm up and then play for 15 minutes straight whereas competition games go for 10 minutes and then you get a rest ... so it’s flat out to get as many points as possible from the 16 individual matches.”

The final tally was SS & A 1073 points, Commercial Club 1029 and Panthers 913.