6 children ride in tray

POLICE have condemned the actions of a Wodonga father, who was yesterday caught driving with six children in the tray of his utility.

The man, 47, was driving on McKay Road in Falls Creek about 4.30pm with three passengers in the cab of the ute and the children, all aged between 11 and 13, in the tray.

Leading Sen-Constable Mick Globen, of Wodonga highway patrol, said the other passengers were also fathers of the children.

Sen-Constable Globen said the road was uneven, badly corrugated and ran along a sheer cliff.

“The dad thought it’d be a fun thing to do but it’s a dangerous activity that will lead to disaster,” he said.

“We’re asking people to think beyond the here and now because what could happen, does happen.”

The man’s ute was impounded for 30 days and he will be charged on summons.