TEEN BASHED: Victim unconscious after unprovoked park attack

A BRIGHT teenager was bashed unconscious in a vicious and unprovoked attack at a park in Myrtleford on Saturday night.

Wangaratta Detective Leading Sen-Constable Paul Campbell said passers-by stepped in and prevented further injuries to the victim, 19, who suffered a broken jaw.

Another 19-year-old, from Wangaratta, was yesterday charged with recklessly cause serious injury and other assault-related charges.

He was remanded to face Wangaratta Magistrates Court tomorrow.

The teenager also faces charges over a stabbing on January 23 in Flanagan Street, Wangaratta, where a man, 21, received a knife wound to his lower back.

Sen-Constable Campbell said the Bright teenager was outside a toilet block in Jubilee Park at 11.45pm on Saturday when the assault happened.

“A man was seen to approach him and punch him without any provocation and the assault continued; the victim was kicked to the head while already on the ground,” he said.

Sen-Constable Campbell said a number of passers-by stepped in and assaulted the suspect.

The suspect suffered facial injuries and bruising.

The Bright teenager was taken to Wangaratta hospital with a fractured right lower jaw and was released early yesterday.

Sen-Constable Campbell said it was clear from the consequences of one-punch assaults just how tragic outcomes of incidents like this can be.

“We have seen the one-punch campaigns and this Bright teenager is extremely lucky he did not suffer more serious injuries,” he said.

He said several people had given statements to police, but he called for any other witnesses to come forward.