Positive drug test a lowlight

A WANGARATTA driver tested positive to drug-driving yesterday afternoon, one of the lowlights in what police called a “fairly good” long weekend on the roads.

The driver tested positive to methamphetamine after being pulled over, Sgt Michael Conners, of Wangaratta highway patrol, said.

But it was one of the few standout incidents over the weekend.

Exact figures of the number of infringement notices issued are not yet available, but Sgt Conners said police caught drivers for speeding and unlicensed driving.

Two other Wangaratta drivers were caught drink-driving early Saturday, blowing 0.18 and 0.14.

But Sgt Conners said overall, police were pleased.

“I think we’ve been fairly happy with the driver behaviour,” Sgt Conners said.

“Unfortunately we still have those people who will speed.”

Three patrol units were out yesterday afternoon, with traffic on the Hume Freeway southbound “rather heavy” as holidaymakers made their way home.