Getting fit to nail the hill

IF you are just starting your preparation toward the Nail Can Hill run or finalising the last period of your preparation, it is recommended you plan your sessions to maximise the benefits.

There is no magic recipe or a proven training package.

The only suggestion that I feel appropriate to give is to update your knowledge by putting variety and challenge into your training.

As a contribution to your preparation, I will be featuring different training methods, explaining the reasons behind them and guiding you towards your best ever Nail Can Hill run.

Also for this year, I will coach and monitor the progression of Daniel Searle, as he goes through the training program that will be published from next week.

Daniel’s goal is to be the first visually impaired athlete to race and finish the Nail Can Hill run.

Daniel’s program will be no different from a program I will suggest to the majority of the runners aiming to finishing the Nail Can Hill event, regardless of your goals, abilities or expertise.

Daniel is a physiotherapy student and visually impaired since he was 16.

He is a recreational athlete who is keen on trying new challenges.

He will train solo indoors using treadmill sessions and under a guide for outdoor sessions.

Stay with us and find out how Daniel undertakes his training and use his program to ensure success in your training for the Nail Can Hill run.

Fabrizio Andreoni is a practising fitness professional adviser, specialising in the sports coaching and healthy lifestyle. He is accredited with the Australian Sports Commission.