Group 9 can break run of Allstar outs

GROUP 9 Allstars coach Josh Cale believes he has the firepower to break the Indigenous Allstars’ winning run at Greenfield Park on Saturday.

Cale said yesterday he was thrilled with the players who had put their hands up to play from Southcity, Young, Kangaroos, Cootamundra and the Thunder and is confident of coming away with a win.

“It’s a pretty solid team,” Cale said.

“It would have been good to have Michael Henderson, but he’s got another game on for Temora.

“Otherwise I think we have a really good side together.

“We haven’t won for a couple of years and I think we’re a real chance in this one.”

The Allstars will look to gain the ascendancy in the forwards with Lou Goodwin, Nick Skinner, Mitch Davis and Grant Boyd set to throw everything at their smaller opponents.

But Cale said he was particularly keen to see emerging Young star Jack Hetherington in action.

“I’m pretty excited to have a look at young Jack Hetherington,” he said.

“He’s only 18 and has a lot of potential.

“He’s from good bloodlines and is a real talent.”

Southcity fullback Scott Bowden has been rushed into the team after an overseas trip while English duo Thomas Bush and Perry Whitley will also play.

Cale said he wasn’t concerned by the Allstars’ lack of preparation together.

“They are all good players and I plan to keep things pretty simple,” he said.

“Sometimes you can over think these matches.

“A lot of the team plays together at club level and we will have some good combinations.”

The match starts at 5pm.

ALLSTARS: Scott Bowden (Southcity), Chris Seaton (Albury), Perry Whitley (Young), Thomas Bush (Young), Jack Hetherington (Young), Luke Branighan (Young), Cameron Breust (Albury), Lou Goodwin (Albury), Nick Skinner (Southcity), Jake Grace (Albury), Mitch Davis (Albury), Glenn Dumbrell (Kangaroos), Grant Boyd (Cootaumndra); Andrew Cowhan (Albury), Luke Berkrey (Cootamundra), Adam Coote (Albury), John Huggett (Albury).

INDIGENOUS: Peter Little (c) (Southcity), Will Merritt (Southcity), Pani Manawatu (Southcity), Wayne Goolagong (Southcity), Zac Merritt (Bathurst), Nathan Rose (Southcity), Tristian Dixon (Southcity), Josh Trindall (Brothers), Ben Jeffrey (Albury), Willie Heta (Albury), Sefa Silafu (Albury), Zac Tipene (Albury), Willie Purcell (Cootamundra), Sione Tongia (Cootamundra), Fine Faingaa (Cootamundra).