Our best cup field, but can Jacquinot Bay prevail?

JAKE BOURKE: Big guy, the Albury Gold Cup has finally arrived. Unfortunately, we both have this thing called “work” and won’t be able to fully indulge in the biggest social event on the Border.

BRENT GODDE: Yes, Bourkey it is a bit like torture watching everyone else indulge. The only positive is we get to wake up the next day without a hangover.

JB: That’s one bet I won’t be taking. Anyway, onto the important stuff. Is this the best field we have seen?

BG: On paper, yes, but I suppose the race is always judged on is what the winner does in its subsequent starts after the cup.

JB: That’s why 2011 sticks in the mind. Paddy O’Reilly went on to claim the Easter Cup at Caulfield, while runner-up Extra Zero came back a year later and went one better. Pity it hasn’t won a race since.

BG: It’s an amazing stat, isn’t it? Speaking of which, it’s hard to fathom that the past two winners both enter today’s race as bottom weights.

JB: It would have to be a first. But can either win? That’s the question that matters. Extra Zero has made a habit of being a bridesmaid lately, while Niblick looks a shadow of his former self since giving Brett Cavanough his first home crown last year.

BG: I don’t give Extra Zero much hope, but you just can’t rule Cav out at home, particularly if it’s wet.

JB: That’s not the only thing you and Brett agree on, is it?

BG: What do you mean?

JB: Be honest, you’re pretty bullish about Jacquinot Bay’s chances of adding the Riverina’s richest race to his Canberra Cup crown, aren’t you?

BG: You look at the form of Jacquinot Bay and start ticking the boxes, you soon start to run out of ink.

JB: I’m not sure if I agree.

BG: All right, guru, what’s beating it?

JB: I’ve started a little bandwagon called “Team Massiyn”. Lloyd Williams has a bigger collection of cups than the Osborne footy club.

BG: Nice gag, but what’s that got to do with today?

JB: All I’m saying, big guy, is that Lloyd doesn’t run second too often. The distance and wet track look perfect. Jacquinot Bay is clearly the horse to beat but I think Massiyn can do it.

BG: Agree to disagree.

JB: Any last words of advice for the punters?

BG: Yep, treat any of your tips like scratchings.

JB: Serious suggestions, please.

BG: I was being serious.

JB: C’mon, what’s the good oil? If I was down to my last $20, what should I back?

BG: Knowing your luck on the punt, you’d be best off buying a pretty young lady a drink. At least you might be a chance. But Brian Cox’s slick sprinter Sumakaray in the Flat Knacker looks a good thing if the track is no worse than slow.

JB: Who says I won’t succeed on both fronts?

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