He was up the Carkeek ...

BENJAMIN James Carkeek left empty handed after breaking into the North Albury Sports Club early yesterday morning, a court has been told.

Alarms were activated when he attempted to get into an office which had locked safes.

His hasty retreat was only the start of his problems, with two security guards quickly checking the premises.

When they found the club empty, the guards began walking around the football oval and heard a wire fence rattle.

They saw someone jump the boundary fence and identified him as having light brown hair, black pants with a red stripe, a black jacket, white shoes and wearing a back pack.

The guards began a foot pursuit along Wantigong Street for several hundred metres and saw the would-be robber enter the front yard of a house.

They rang the police, remained at the front of the residence and police got to the scene about 2.10am.

A search discovered Carkeek in a hunched sitting position behind a large water heater at the side of the house.

His clothing matched what the security guards had seen and Carkeek said to police: “Yeah, you got me”.

He was arrested, searched and police found two torches along with a screwdriver and black gloves.

But in a later interview at the Albury police station, Carkeek denied any involvement with the allegation of breaking into the club.

Carkeek, 22, of Monkhouse Place, Albury, appeared in custody in Albury Local Court on charges of break and enter with intent, entering inclosed lands and possessing housebreaking implements.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told in tendered police facts that Carkeek is on parole with six months remaining.

Solicitor Jason Hanke made an application for bail, but it was rejected by Mr Murray who adjourned the charges until April 7.

Mr Murray was told Carkeek removed a glass panel to get inside the club and walked past the bar area towards the office.

It was at that stage that several alarms were activated and he quickly left.