Police will be waiting

AN Albury father-of-three can expect a welcoming party when he is released from jail in Victoria next year.

Raoul Levi Walton will have NSW police waiting for him after arrest warrants were yesterday issued for him by Albury magistrate Tony Murray.

Mr Murray issued the warrants on charges of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and affray.

The charges stem from an incident about 6pm on February 4 at a residence in Milton Street, Albury.

At the time, Walton was on bail for a wounding offence with an appearance pending in the County Court at Wodonga.

Walton, 30, of Schubach Street, earlier this month pleaded guilty to a charge of recklessly causing serious injury over the stabbing of Lee Lane following an argument over the supervision of children.

Walton left a party in London Road to attend a nearby house and complain to Mr Lane about two children playing in the street.

Mr Lane asked him to leave but instead Walton went inside the house, carrying a knife and inflicted stab wounds.

A doctor’s report indicated two stab wounds to Mr Lane’s chest were potentially life threatening and an injury to his left forearm was consistent with being a defensive injury.

Judge Roy Punshon sentenced Walton to a minimum jail term of two years and three months.

Walton had served 249 days on remand which was taken into consideration, but he still has another 18 months to serve before being eligible for release.