Keep driving ... to jail

A LAVINGTON woman caught twice in three weeks for disqualified driving “is not taking her ban seriously”.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood informed Danielle Lorraine Moran if she keeps driving, it will be “a pretty quick way to get to jail”.

Moran, 43, of Danes Street, pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to two counts of disqualified driving.

Ms Greenwood imposed a 12-month driving ban and $770 fine on each of the charges.

The court was told in tendered facts Moran was disqualified for six months on December 10 last year.

She was seen driving in Urana Road about 2.25pm on February 26 by a highway patrol officer who was aware the vehicle was used by a banned driver.

The officer activated the lights on her car, stopped Moran in Prune Street and asked for her licence.

It was claimed by her that she had misplaced it, but a check by the officer revealed it was disqualified.

Moran said she was driving home from work.

The same officer was patrolling Danes Street about 6.35pm on March 14 and saw Moran’s black Nissan.

She pulled over to the kerb and lay across to the passenger seat in an attempt to hide.

When asked why she was driving, Moran said she did not know.

The officer was aware Moran had driven from Coles at Lavington and was going home.