MONEY, GUNS, DRUGS: Accused 'too ill' to appear in court after raid

The house police raided on Wednesday.
The house police raided on Wednesday.
The house police raided on Wednesday.

The house police raided on Wednesday.

POLICE say they seized a substantial amount of money, flintlock pistols, a Taser, knuckledusters and drugs during a raid at a South Albury house on Wednesday morning.

Drug squad officers executed a search warrant at the home of Graeme Lindsay Sweeney in Olive Street and used a drug detection dog.

It is alleged officers went inside and saw a large amount of white crystal substance in a plastic container on a table in the living room along with many small plastic resealable bags, scales and a spoon.

They searched the house, found two other people and saw Sweeney walking away at the back of the block. 

Sweeney, who was breathing at a fast rate, was escorted back to the lounge room and arrested.

He was taken to the police station before being conveyed to Albury hospital for medical attention and was not interviewed due to his health.

Sweeney, 52, was due to appear in Albury Local Court yesterday on eight charges including supplying more than the indictable quantity of a drug, three counts of possessing a prohibited weapon, drug possession and dealing with property suspected of being the proceeds of crime.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood was told Sweeney did not want to appear in court and was not seeking bail.

Solicitor Sue Robey described him as “most unwell” and taking medication for heart problems.

Ms Greenwood ordered the preparation of a police evidence brief by May 15 and adjourned the charges until May 26, with Sweeney to appear from jail through a video link.

Drug squad police have confirmed officers looked over the side fence near where Sweeney was seen walking on Wednesday.

There was a blue shopping cooler bag, a clear plastic bag with yellow crystal substance, a Taser and two glass ice pipes.

Inside the cooler bag police found numerous smaller resealable bags, scales, a spoon and lighter.

Police say during the search they found $13,760 in eight bundles in the top drawer of a cupboard in Sweeney’s bedroom.

They seized a bong, Harley Davidson motorcycle, phones, knuckledusters, three flintlock pistols hanging over the bar area and other drug paraphernalia including a number of ice pipes.

The white and yellow crystal substances weighed 40 grams with tests indicating it was methamphetamine.