Cage fight marquee to need permit

A MASSIVE marquee to be used for the cage fighting event at Bunton Park next month has triggered the need for a development application from Albury Council.

The application has been placed on public display ahead of the May 17 event, with a marquee larger than 300 square metres requiring council approval.

Plans submitted to the council show the marquee has dimensions of 50 metres by 65 metres and will be almost 20 metres high.

Australian Fighting Championships promoters and North Albury Football-Netball Club propose to erect the marquee on the Alemein Avenue side of Bunton Park.

Temporary toilets will be set up on the other side of the ground.

Plans also show four patrolled car parking areas around the ground to cater for the anticipated crowd of 3500 people.

Written submissions in relation to the proposal close on Wednesday and the application is expected to be dealt with by council staff.

Meanwhile, North Albury has been unable to clinch a deal with Ovens and Murray rival Yarrawonga which would guarantee Bunton Park a complete recovery from the event.

The Hoppers made an informal approach to the Pigeons to swap their round seven and 16 fixtures which would have given the North Albury home ground another week’s spell after the event.

But Yarrawonga has knocked back the request based on the club losing revenue from playing one home game in the last four rounds of the season.

North Albury president Mark Cronin confirmed a preliminary approach was made with the Pigeons, but nothing eventuated.

“We expect the ground to recover, but why not be certain of it,” he said.

“It hasn’t gone any further.”

Yarrawonga president Glenn Brear said the potential swap didn’t suit the Pigeons.

The proposed change meant the club would have three away games straight away and then one to finish off at home.