Hey, who stole my drugs?

A WANGARATTA man who told police his cannabis had been stolen in a burglary won’t get his drugs back, but detectives have charged a neighbour with breaking into his house.

Detective Leading Sen-Constable Mark Hussey said the man’s Tone Road home was broken into early on Wednesday when no one was home.

He said cannabis, a police scanner, cash, alcohol, prescription drugs and scripts were stolen.

The occupant, in his late 40s, reported it to police and yesterday, a man who lives in the same street was arrested.

The 40-year-old, who was charged with burglary and theft, was bailed to appear in the Wangaratta Magistrates’ Court on May 26.

Police have not yet found the stolen property and inquiries about the cannabis are continuing.

It comes as a man was arrested for another burglary in Wangaratta this week.

Sen-Constable Hussey said a Puglisi Court house was broken into and a PlayStation and computer were stolen.

A Wangaratta man, 18, was charged with burglary and appeared in the Shepparton Magistrates Court yesterday. The property was recovered.