Wodonga abduction attempt | Car key to finding girl’s attacker

HUNDREDS of people have helped police investigating an attempted abduction in Wodonga to narrow down unique features of a car that could lead them to the schoolgirl’s attacker.

Wodonga Detective Sgt Peter Greaves said investigators were looking for a black car and not an Audi as earlier described.

The black car was a shiny, late-model, four-door sedan with silver wheels, believed to be mag wheels, and a small spoiler across the boot.

It also had dark tinted windows, including the back window, with a black leather interior.

“The one identifying feature a lot of people might pick up on is that it’s got distinct LED reversing lights on the tail light,” Sgt Greaves said.

The car was parked in Lawrence Street, opposite the tennis courts, in front of a dark maroon Pajero four-wheel-drive that had a trailer with two trail bikes on the back between 3pm and 4pm on Monday.

“It’s a reference point for witnesses. The Pajero would probably stand out with the motorbikes on the trailer,” Sgt Greaves said.

“We want to emphasize that vehicle has nothing to do with the inquiry, it’s just that vehicle was parked next to the vehicle we’re looking into.”

He urged anyone who saw the black car in Lawrence Street on Monday to phone Crime Stoppers.

The new, more specific description released yesterday was a result of police speaking with about 200 people who said they saw the car linked to Monday’s abduction attempt.

That’s on top of the hundreds of pieces of other information investigators cannot afford to discount.

“The smallest bit of information might be the one we need,” Sgt Greaves said.

The girl, 15, was walking home from school on Lawrence Street when she stopped to help an older man who had stumbled.

But when she attempted to help him to his car, he tried to abduct her, pushing her into the car and hitting her.

She managed to fight him off.

“She’s an admirable young woman, she stopped to help someone who was having trouble in the street and was taken advantage of,” Sgt Greaves said.

Sgt Greaves said information indicated the suspect knew the area and he was seen on Lawrence Street within a week of the attack.

Anyone with information should phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.